Email Open Rates In The Mobile World

Paul Talbot Email Marketing

Email open rates may be our leading source of statistical obsession.

And with good reason.

So when the analysts with Worldata shake down 25,000 different email marketing campaigns to see what they can learn about open rates, their findings deserve our attention.

Here’s one of them.

Adding a pre-header increases mobile opens up to 19%.

A pre-header is the copy that begins an email.  Quite often, this line of copy appears as the subject line for emails in the in box of a mobile device.

Most of the time, the pre-header is either overlooked, or the person taking the copy and creating the email plugs in, “Click here to view on a web browser.”  Not the most enticing of subject lines.

How important is mobile for the email marketer?

Depending on whose research you look at, it’s roughly 50%.

As we read more emails on our mobile devices, we are growing less tolerant of messages that don’t look good.  Research from Litmus reveals that 80% of us delete an email that doesn’t render well on mobile.

Here are three ways to address this and drive mobile email clickthrough rates higher:

  • Shorter copy with more heads
  • Subheads
  • Bullets