Remarketing Doesn’t Have To Be Creepy

Paul Talbot Copywriting, Featured

There’s something inherently creepy about a remarketing campaign.  We can easily feel as if we’re being stalked.

A marketer’s good intentions can go sideways.  Helpful intentions can be perceived as annoying persistence… or worse.

These campaigns are largely shaped by the prospect’s perceptions.  And because marketers don’t know exactly how their remarketing is perceived, the job of aligning the creative message for remarketing can easily be a shot in the dark.

One common approach is the ecommerce remarketing tactic of displaying the specific SKUs browsed.  This clearly scores high points for relevance.

This tactic can be strengthened by accompanying this SKU-specific with a simple, helpful message.

“Still available in your size” or “You can still get free shipping” can serve as a benefit-driven call to action.

Abandonment Remarketing

There is one type of remarketing campaign that typically delivers exceptional conversion rates… cart abandonment remarketing.

Abandonment remarketing pays off because these campaigns can rack up relatively easy conversions.  A simple piece of copy sent to the prospect soon after the cart is abandoned is an effective marketing rescue mission.

But only so much can be done.  After all, we’re dealing with a relatively small universe.

One effective tactic is to launch a remarketing campaign that targets a different type of abandonment.  Quite often, the prospect browsing the site is an existing client or customer.  This person’s email address may already in the marketer’s database.

If it is, this means that with the right tagging and tracking codes, the prospect who has been browsing can receive an email.  Instead of using display ads on other sites the prospect visits, the attempt to reengage takes on a more personalized approach through email.

This is where educational content can prove particularly effective.  When the prospect is researching high-ticket items, tools to support this process such as calculators are valued.

These are the ways remarketing can be stripped of its creepiness, how its effectiveness can be enhanced, and how new ways of reengaging prospects can be deployed.

It’s all about sensitivity to the perceptions of the prospect.