Landing Page Optimization Breakthroughs

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Landing page optimization can’t happen until you…

  • Attract the right prospect.
  • Work backwards from the desired outcome to define your conversion goal.
  • Give the prospect something helpful when there’s response to your call to action.

Once these landing page optimization bases are covered, you can move on to the

Here are ten ways to write landing pages that convert. Ten copywriting tactics for more effective landing pages, no matter what your product, service, or sales strategy.

  •  Eliminate Alternate Routes. The prospect can move in one direction only…toward the desired outcome. There are no other links, no other options, no other ways for the prospect to journey forward except along the prescribed route that leads to a conversion goal.
  • Prioritize Information. Put the most important facts first, and connect them to a benefit. Double down on the benefit, and don’t limit it to what the product or service does…illuminate the benefit for taking immediate action.
  • Focus On Message, Not Length. No rules are broken if the landing page is more than a headline, a subhead, three bullets, and a call to action. But if the landing page content fails to persuade, and the opportunity to encourage response is compromised, you’re dead in the water. Brevity is beautiful. Response is profitable.
  • Make The Testimonial Pertinent. The more specific the social proof, the better. The delight of the existing customer should be tied directly to the feelings we want the prospect on the landing page to experience.
  • Anticipate The Visitor’s Objections And Melt Them Away. The landing page is where you deal with two different kinds of objections. One is internal and connected to the risks and rewards of taking action. The other is external, connected to a doubt about you or your product.
  • Expect Skepticism. Suspicions and doubts don’t vanish the moment a prospect visits your landing page. Confront these feelings.
  • Create Complete Clarity. Show the visitor exactly what to do. Describe both the emotional and the practical benefits of taking action. Use large fonts, short sentences, and short paragraphs.
  • Be Specific. Details overpower generalities. Use numbers to quantify both features and benefits.
  • Never Mistake Enthusiasm With Hype. You hype when you say something is great. You write with enthusiasm when you describe how the person using your product feels. Describe what’s been achieved. Put the prospect into the future, and detail the feeling of delight. Enthusiasm isn’t built with empty adjectives, but workhorse verbs.
  • Identify The #1 Problem Your Visitor Wants To Solve. Empathize. Pinpoint pain. Amplify the problem’s impact, then present a solution. The first step toward this solution is the conversion goal, the desired action, of the landing page.

Landing page optimization takes more than a template, and more than mirroring other landing page examples that seem easily adaptable.

It takes copywriting that weaves in these 10 essential ingredients.

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