Landing Pages That Work

Paul Talbot Copywriting

The first time I wrote a landing page, back in 1998, I put on a clinic in ineptitude.

  • Way too much information
  • Too many confusing paths for the prospect to follow
  • Little or no thought given to what action the prospect was already prepared to take

My most recent landing page, which I finished writing last week, was a bare-bones affair.

It did not include a single complete sentence, let alone a single paragraph.  It was built with…

  • Headlines
  • Subheads
  • Bullets
  • A single box with a blue background and a striped red border with a two field form

Copywriters who work on landing pages, and have been humbled by conversion data, know firsthand the power of simplicity.

They know that if there is a single neighborhood in the vast world of digital marketing where salesmanship needs to shine, the landing page is it.

They know that landing pages need to be…

  • Focused
  • Stripped of every non-essential element
  • Logical and easily understood


As usability ninja Steve Krug reminds us…

Happy talk must die.  Unlike good promotional copy, it conveys no useful information, and it focuses on saying how great we are, as opposed to delineating what makes us great.

So when you ask a freelance copywriter about writing a landing page…

The shorter the answer the better.