Information Marketing:

A 40-page magalog for NPE, a former GKIC Information Marketer of the Year, which showcases its successful fitness business clients. Anchored to the theme of the American Dream, the piece is used to bring qualified prospects into the organization’s sales funnel.

Financial Publishing:
Sales Letter

A long-form sales letter for the Hyperion Financial Group’s newsletter, Commodity ETF Alert. The sales letter targets investors who are intrigued with commodities, but would prefer to make their investments through exchange- traded funds rather than through actual positions.

Travel and Hospitality:
Hotel Website

This website for the Hotel dei Mellini in Rome is short on flowery description, and long on relevant reasons why a visitor to Rome should stay at the property. The copy is written to overcome possible objections from American tourists to the hotel’s unfamiliar location.

Real Estate:
Email Sequence

This email sequence created for RealPrompt Short Sales is used nationally by the firm’s agent partners to cultivate a relationship with a distressed homeowner. The sequence has three different versions, each targeting a specific segment.

Medical Technology:
White Paper

San Diego-based Skylight Health Care Systems turns the TV in a patient’s hospital room into a valuable source of information, entertainment, and communication. This white paper breaks down the benefits and puts them in context.

Investor Relations:
Video Script

When Dallas-based Core Resource Management tells its story to prospective investors, there is a lot of information to share. This script for a video covers it all, from the leadership team to the unique qualities of the investment opportunity.

Event Marketing:

The site for the London, UK fitness business marketing event, MEGA TRAINING™ UK 2013

B2B Equipment:
Sales Magalog

A magalog for Teeco Inc., a Webster Groves, Missouri-based manufacturer of washing machines for tent washing.

Financial Publishing:
Sales Letter

A sales letter promotion for the reintroduction of the investment newsletter China Stock Insider.