Social Media Marketing Adventures

Paul Talbot Copywriting

I’m working on a social media marketing project right now for a group of hotels.  It is a fun project because it’s tough to imagine a more fascinating product.

Fascinating because hotel marketing lets a copywriter create and encourage all sorts of different connections between the product and the prospect.

We all look for something different in a hotel.  We all prioritize a hotel’s attributes a bit differently.

Some people could care less about the fitness center and simply want a good pillow.  Others are all about 24 hour room service.

Anyhow, the social media marketing campaigns I’m working on now are intriguing.  And it’s great to see users engage with the content.


I can’t help but keep in mind that no matter what kind of content is created, measurable involvement can’t be assumed.

This is because of a segment of digital consumers so beautifully described a few years back in the IBM Global Business Services White Paper, Beyond Advertising.

Authors Bill Battino, Karen Feldman and Saul Berman identified this segment as the Massive Passive…

Massive Passives, about 65 percent of the overall population, are most interested in maintaining their existing content experiences and tend to skew older.  Massive Passives are least likely to participate in innovative types of media consumption, yet this segment is the “cash cow” expected to keep delivering a large portion of revenues.”

You can’t use this segment of digital consumers as an excuse for sloppy social copywriting and lousy engagement.

But you do want to keep in mind that no matter how compelling your content is, no matter how alluring the questions in your survey or the elements in your promotion, some people are simply going to sit back and just read.

It’s that remaining 35% we strive to connect with.

Not a bad number to work with.  A growing number.

And a data-driven reminder that mass marketing alone just doesn’t cut it.