The Secret Of The Profitable Landing Page

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You’ve built an irresistible offer for your landing page.  The offer is positioned with the strongest appeal.

A seductive headline steers the prospect into reading the bullets.

Your bullets amplify desire.  They give the prospect reasons to respond.

There is a clear call to action.  And the landing page includes a testimonial or two, along with symbols of credibility.

You’ve got all the bases covered.  You’re ready to publish your landing page.

But before you launch, do something that very few marketers ever consider.

Legendary copywriter Tom Collins knew this secret.  In the 1960s, Collins wrote highly profitable direct marketing campaigns for clients such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, Doubleday & Co., and Famous Artists Schools.

He called this secret, “The Method Acting School of Copywriting.”

Before your landing page is finished, experience it deeply through the mind of the prospect.

Walk away for a day or two, and then come back it as a stranger.

Read what’s been written.  Don’t react from your point of view, but with a careful consideration of the prospect’s psychological motives.

Know your prospect’s identification.  Go beyond simple needs and wants.  Move as deeply as you can into the emotions of the prospect, and read the landing page from this vantage point.

When the copy’s weaknesses have been strengthened, when the important reasons why to take action right now have been presented, when every escape route is blocked off and every desire fulfilled, then your landing page is ready.

This secret means you actually write a landing page twice.  Once, with the mind of the marketer, to make sure all the essential elements are in place.

And then with the heart of the prospect, to make sure all the emotional connections are in place.

But this secret doesn’t lend itself to shortcuts.  It won’t work when you try to blend the two processes.  If you don’t invest the time to walk away from what you’ve written, you can’t come back to read the page as a prospect.

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