The Very Real 76% Clickthrough Rate

Paul Talbot Copywriting

Clickthrough rates of 76% are typically the stuff of dreams, at least for most pay per click marketers.

But move away from the realm of paid search and into the realm of relevant content, and clickthrough rates like these become very real.

Those links at the bottom of articles that steer the reader to related content… 76% of readers click on these to get more information.

That’s according to a new study by conducted by Harris Interactive for nRelate.

Behavior Shift: Getting Content in Front of Consumers confirms what many of us have suspected.  When we’re marketing online, related article links that give the prospect more information are the workhorses of selling.

Online copywriters and marketers who think related article links are little more than window dressing are missing out on an easy way to engage a prospect, strengthen the prospect’s interest, and advance the sales process.

The key, of course, is to be relevant.

A good tactic for achieving this is to simply carve a large piece of content into smaller thematic chunks.  And then, write an irresistible description for the text link for each chunk.

Achieving this clickthrough is not an uphill battle for online marketers, because the Harris research reveals that consumers love to get information this way.  It’s second only to search for the method of discovering information.

This tactic far outperforms everything else, including recommendations from friends on social media platforms.

The marketer who creates superior online content wins.

And the copywriter who embraces this tactic in the sales process harvests the proverbial low hanging fruit.

Grab a copy of Behavior Shift: Getting Content in Front of Consumers to learn more.

Check out more about what we’re all up to online in The Connected Consumer 2012:  Evolving Behavior Patterns, a fascinating piece of research from Oracle.