When a Professional Markets to a Professional

Paul Talbot Copywriting

Let’s say you’re a CPA and you are marketing a service to other CPAs.  Or you’re an attorney marketing to other attorneys.

  • You know every aspect of this service… after all, you’re an expert.
  • You know exactly how this service, typically an information product, will benefit your prospective client.
  • You know exactly how the offer you make for this service will be perceived.
  • You know what sort of resistance to expect because “you’re one of the tribe.”

So, armed with this insight, why would you possibly need a freelance copywriter?


Attorneys know that jurors tend to make decisions that are driven by emotion and rationalized by fact.  Copywriters know the same thing.  That’s how we write.  Some of us even know that when emotion is introduced first, the facts that follow are more readily accepted.

When professionals market their own products they often bypass the emotion and leave the prospect facing a list of facts.  They often believe facts are all that’s necessary.

This is a costly mistake.  A mistake that historically limits sales and lowers response.

No matter how book smart and street smart we are, emotion plays a role in the decisions we make.  And purchase decisions are no exception.

Because it is often difficult for the accountant, the attorney or the dentist to ladle the right amount of emotion onto marketing materials, business opportunities are lost.

The solution…  pulling a freelance copywriter into the project.  Somebody who will make sure that prospects are given every possible reason to respond.

The freelance copywriter will…

  • Make sure that emotion and fact are properly blended to maximize response.
  • Balance the content so the correct tone is achieved and maintained.
  • Identify and unlock every story locked up inside the product so it can be used to sell.

Professionals are indeed experts at the services they market.  But rarely are they experts in the actual marketing itself.